Sheep Mentality in a Progressive World

With recent events sparking a global movement for racial justice, I have noticed a counterproductive trend in activism lately. Amongst liberals, there seems to be a race to voice the most progressive thinking while simultaneously condemning those who don’t share the same exact viewpoint. The overzealous, unforgiving and myopic attitude of many woke activists inContinue reading “Sheep Mentality in a Progressive World”

The Social Experience of a Minority Dancer

“5 6 7 8…and up!…hit, HOLD…reach…and down!…no, no, NO don’t tuck!…yes good, better.” I would hear these words for at least 3 hours everyday ever since I was six years old. As my sweaty black leotard and tights stuck to my body like a second skin, I focused on nothing else but the space aroundContinue reading “The Social Experience of a Minority Dancer”