Easy & Healthy Banana Bread

(Jump to recipe) Banana bread is one of the best foods out there – it’s a great snack, dessert, or even breakfast! It’s also a super convenient food to make whenever you have overripe bananas. What I love most about banana bread is that its versatility caters to everyone. After trying many different recipes, I’veContinue reading “Easy & Healthy Banana Bread”

Tangy Zingy Lemon Bars

(Jump to recipe) With summer starting and COVID-19 still around, I’ve decided to make the best out of the bounty of lemons I harvested from my lemon tree a couple months ago! I’m a big fan of tart things, so this recipe cuts down a lot of the sugar that is usually called in otherContinue reading “Tangy Zingy Lemon Bars”

Purple Sweet Potato Boba

(Jump to recipe) As a Taiwanese-born-American, I have had boba milk tea as a core dessert my whole life. Unfortunately, boba contains 299 calories and 38g of sugar (source), and, as I am getting older, maintaining a fit body requires more than just working out. I have recently become wary of my sugar intake asContinue reading “Purple Sweet Potato Boba”