Sheep Mentality in a Progressive World

With recent events sparking a global movement for racial justice, I have noticed a counterproductive trend in activism lately. Amongst liberals, there seems to be a race to voice the most progressive thinking while simultaneously condemning those who don’t share the same exact viewpoint. The overzealous, unforgiving and myopic attitude of many woke activists inContinue reading “Sheep Mentality in a Progressive World”

Project Overview: Financial Markets Platform

Background With the rise of Fintech in the past couple of decades, high-frequency trading exploits have become more and more problematic. HFT traders spend a lot of money on making their trading algorithms better and faster by a negligible amount. Our current financial market system, CDA, allows for this “HFT arms race” (here are aContinue reading “Project Overview: Financial Markets Platform”

Project Overview: Homie

Background College is a special time like no other when you can explore, adventure, and experiment as much as you can. One of my favorite experiences was working on a software engineering project with a team of 3 other people for our software engineering course. While brainstorming an idea, we realized how tricky it canContinue reading “Project Overview: Homie”

Easy & Healthy Banana Bread

(Jump to recipe) Banana bread is one of the best foods out there – it’s a great snack, dessert, or even breakfast! It’s also a super convenient food to make whenever you have overripe bananas. What I love most about banana bread is that its versatility caters to everyone. After trying many different recipes, I’veContinue reading “Easy & Healthy Banana Bread”

Tangy Zingy Lemon Bars

(Jump to recipe) With summer starting and COVID-19 still around, I’ve decided to make the best out of the bounty of lemons I harvested from my lemon tree a couple months ago! I’m a big fan of tart things, so this recipe cuts down a lot of the sugar that is usually called in otherContinue reading “Tangy Zingy Lemon Bars”

Purple Sweet Potato Boba

(Jump to recipe) As a Taiwanese-born-American, I have had boba milk tea as a core dessert my whole life. Unfortunately, boba contains 299 calories and 38g of sugar (source), and, as I am getting older, maintaining a fit body requires more than just working out. I have recently become wary of my sugar intake asContinue reading “Purple Sweet Potato Boba”

The Beauty and Grit of the Philippines

Before studying abroad, I never had a clear image of what the Philippines was like. My perception of this country prior to my visit was greatly influenced by the stunning photos of ethereal lagoons and hidden beaches posted on Instagram by various travel bloggers. However, I was also aware of the Spanish influence and theContinue reading “The Beauty and Grit of the Philippines”

The Social Experience of a Minority Dancer

“5 6 7 8…and up!…hit, HOLD…reach…and down!…no, no, NO don’t tuck!…yes good, better.” I would hear these words for at least 3 hours everyday ever since I was six years old. As my sweaty black leotard and tights stuck to my body like a second skin, I focused on nothing else but the space aroundContinue reading “The Social Experience of a Minority Dancer”